BEAVER'S COTTAGE AGROTOURISM is located in the south-western part of the Masuria District, in the Iława-Ostróda Lake District, close to Iława (5km), Lubawa (15 km), and Ostróda (20 km), just at the Iławskie Lake shore, in a tiny village named Dól, where time stopped long ago or at least slowed down. The cottage, situated amongst pristine nature, surrounded with a garden with a countless number of flowers and a real silence, is an oasis of peace, providing the tired senses with fantastic leisure time.

The Beave's Cottage offers: - 2 double rooms with TV, quick Internet and a bathroom (a shower, a sink and a toilet);
- 4 triple rooms with TV, quick Internet and a bathroom (a shower, a sink and a toilet);
- a dining room;
- a pier and a beach with an access to water bikes and boats;
- a garden shed providing a pleasant shade on hot days and being a place of nice meetings at a fire place;
- a place arranged for a bonfire with a cookhouse where one can fry a caught fish or have grilled food;
- a rest drinking good coffee in a garden coffee shop under an umbrella shadow or in a garden on swings or benches;
- ekological vegetable and herb garden and fruits growing on trees and fruit bushes in our garden (raspberries, currants, gooseberries, blueberries, and apples, pears and plums in autumn).

The Iława and Ostróda Lake District is a country of a unique beauty of countryside, the richness of nature, a large number of lakes, rivers and forests as well as of healthy air. Sailors and canoeists, enthusiasts of walking and bike tours or horse riding (the Stajnia Mortęgi Horse Riding Centre), as well as fishermen, mushroom pickers and skiers (the Góra Dylewska ski lift and the largest in the Masuria District ski resort in Kurzętnik near Nowe Miasto) will find something for them. Some interesting places and event can also be attractions for lovers of shanties, jazz, poetic songs and cabarets, as well as history enthusiasts.